We help you to rebuild your life after a loss by providing the right support you need

We can match you to a private support group & practical guides.

Step 3:

You'll be matched to a private support group led by our team & guided practical help with paperwork. 

Step 1:

Fill out a form with your story. You must be over 18 years old.

Step 2:

We'll email you to tell you when the Untangle App is ready to download. It's free for early sign-ups (like you!).

We know it can be overwhelming sorting the paperwork and finances when you lose a loved one.

If you need help with admin you can speak to one of our team now.


Sorting out my late husband's bills was so daunting to me - I cried every time I thought about it. Untangle were patient and kind and guided me through the steps with ease.


My husband died 5 years ago and I have felt that I should be over it by now. I thought I was being silly by still feeling sad about it, but felt welcome and accepted by others in the Untangle support group.


I looked for bereavement support groups but couldn't find any local to me. It was something I wanted to do but took me a while to get around to. Now, I am so grateful to my Untangle friends for this new sense of connection with people who get it.

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