Making it easier to rebuild life after loss

We know how complicated life can get after losing a loved one. Untangle helps you through the emotional and practical steps - from finding the right therapist, to managing bills and writing Wills.

Our Service

Our App Is Now Live!

You can now chat with our expert team through an instant messaging App. Similar to the email service, we will provide personal support, helping you with the various challenges that come with loss. 

You’ll also be matched into a private peer support group with people who’ve shared a similar experience to you.

Email Support Service

Our team are on hand to support you through the various challenges that come with loss - from shifting financials to family relationships.

We will guide you through everything from Probate to paying bills - and recommend rated products to help along the way. We can also connect you with our team of trusted experts for personalised help, including therapists, life coaches, lawyers and financial advisors.


What Our Members Say


Death admin isn’t something you ever think about before a loss. That is why Untangle is so important - they picked me up and pointed me in the right direction.


Untangle helped me through the aftermath of my Dad’s death. They handled the whole process with patience and care - I really owe it to them.


The thought of sorting out my late husband's bills was so daunting and overwhelming. Untangle were supportive and kind, they guided me through the steps with ease.

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