What's this all about?

We're Emily and Emma - after experiencing the loss of loved ones, we were upset to discover that there wasn't much support out there.

So, we decided to improve this.

Every significant loss comes with secondary losses - to finances, relationships and our mental and physical health. It can be hard to find good help when you need it most. This can leave you feeling lonely and overwhelmed, in addition to going through grief.

Untangle exists to make it easier to get both practical and emotional help after a loss, so that everyone can feel supported and in control.

We're still in the early stages of creating this support system, so would love to hear your story and what would be useful for you.


Please get in touch and help us on our mission.

Our values

Equality: We all have different backgrounds and experiences, our voices are equally valid and important.

Openness: We are non-judgmental, kind and clear, both with our colleagues and our wider community.

Learning: We know that wisdom comes through keeping an open mind and always being adaptive.

Respect: We respect people’s boundaries and protect our community’s privacy above all else.

Caring: Everything we do is designed to help our community feel supported, ultimately making sure our profit enables our purpose.



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