Emotional support after bereavement

If you're coping with grief right now, you're definitely not alone.

Every year, more than 600,000 people die in the UK, leaving behind millions of bereaved relatives and friends. Many will need professional support and advice to put their lives back together after a significant loss.

We can connect you with our network of qualified, trusted professionals who offer a wide range of emotional bereavement support services - from life coaching and mindfulness to counselling and in-depth therapy.

Asking for help takes courage. But when you're ready, we're here.

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How our services work

Therapy and counselling

After a bereavement, simply talking things through with someone outside your own family and social circle can feel like a huge relief. And if it feels like thing fell apart when your loved one died, grief therapy and counselling can also be valuable tools for starting to rebuild your life.

There are many different types of personal bereavement therapy and counselling available. To help find you the right one for you, we'll ask you to fill in a simple form. If you have a particular kind of therapy in mind you can tell us, and if you don't have a preference, that's OK too.

Our team of senior therapists will talk you through your options and match you with a professional who suits your personal situation and needs. We'll always consider anything you feel is relevant, for example, your ethnic or religious background, gender or sexual orientation.

To find out more about how therapy can help you through grief, fill in our short form.

Life coaching

When you feel ready to think about the future after losing someone, grief life coaching could be a good option. Our experienced life coaches specialise in supporting people after big life changes, including the loss of a partner or another important person in your life.

We'll match you with a life coach that understands your particular situation. They'll work with you to create a vision of the life you'd like to lead after death of your loved one, and support you in setting goals that will help you achieve it.

Find out more about life coaching through Untangle.


Similar to meditation, mindfulness is designed to help us feel more fully present in the moment and less overwhelmed or stressed by what's going on around us.

When you're grieving, learning how to practice mindfulness can be an important way to check how you are feeling deep down, including for any signs of anxiety and depression.

Everyone can learn mindful meditation for grief after a bereavement - all you need is a quiet space and a little bit of time to yourself. To get you started, we can provide you with mindfulness resources for grief, including tried and tested audio meditations and reading material.

Find out more about our mindfulness resources.

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Need bereavement support, advice or just more information?

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