Cards for Grieving

Cards for Grieving

We’ve teamed up with graphic designer Adam Spratley, creator of beautiful personalised calendars and printed goods, to bring you these ‘Cards For Grieving’.


It’s hard to know what to say or send after a loss. Aside from books, flowers and food, there isn’t much to choose from. We wanted to create something thoughtful. These cards are the perfect grief gift - for yourself or a loved one.


In each box is a set of 52 postcards, each with a different prompt to encourage you to write, draw or express your thoughts on grief. The cards can be approached in any order, shared with those closest to you, or used for private reflection. 

We have a limited edition of 100 boxes, priced at £22 per box (includes UK postage).


The postcard boxes are hand assembled and packaged by Adam Spratley in a Covid-19 safe environment, and orders will be processed within 3 working days.


10% of profits will be donated to Hospice UK, to make sure everyone receives the best possible care at the end of their life.


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